10 things you must know before going to Japan!





  1. Buy a JR pass! This will save you so much money on public transportation. Keloni and I are really frugal when traveling and it was hard for me to purchase $250 pass for the longest time. I am so glad I did! The very end of a 12 day trip we would of spent well over $800 if we didn’t buy one.
  2. Dress on the conservative side. Japanese women don’t show it all, this way you can blend in more. I noticed they have blouses that cover theirselves and usually wear wide leg capris with sneakers.
  3. Download the Google Translate app! This saved us, make sure you download the language before you head over so you can use it offline.
  4. Rent a pocket wifi. This is key! We used Airbnb’s that had them available, but this allowed us to take wifi with us wherever we went.
  5. Keep a grocery sack with you. Japan is VERY clean and you won’t find much garbage cans anywhere too! No one litters, they carry little sacks with them everywhere to put their garbage. So take a couple with you.
  6. Don’t tip. In America it is considered rude to not tip, but in Japan it is considered rude to tip! They believe they shouldn’t need bribery to do better, so giving them money is saying “do better”.
  7. Get cash out of an ATM. There isn’t a lot of places that accept credit cards. So make sure you get cash at the airport.
  8. Everyone keeps to themselves, but is so kind. On public transportation for example it is like a library. It can be rush hour absolutely packed and you can hear a needle drop. But, if you need help with anything, everyone is so nice to help (google translate saved us)
  9. Spend more time in Kyoto than Tokyo (in my humble opinion). LOVED  Tokyo, but Kyoto you feel like you are stepping back in time thousands of years. There was so much to do and see.
  10. Head to a Tokyu Hands. I loved this place in Tokyo! It is 8 levels of everything you could think of. Great place to get souvenirs and amazing Japanese cosmetic/skin care.



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Have fun!! Xoxo, Kat

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