10 Tips When Traveling With A Baby

So I have traveled with Luna over 10 flights in her short 5 months here on earth! Along with going to Hawaii twice (4 hr time change) and Atlanta (2 hr) and we all know babies LOVE routine so traveling on an airplane plus time change?? AHHH so scary! BUT I promise it is not bad! So if you want tips for your baby keep reading… keep in mind this is ideally for babies 6 months or younger!

  1. Time Change: Start at home a week before! If you are doing a time change I always suggest start doing it at home. The first time we learned this quickly. Having her wanting to go down for the night at 3pm and up at 3 am was awful. So what we did the next time is start with 1/2 hour every night pushing back her bedtime until she was close to or on the next time zone. It will save your life!
  2. Underpack/Overpack: There are some things you NEED to overpack and somethings you don’t! Babies have enough stuff to bring, don’t bother bringing unnecessary items. Overpack diapers (unless you want to buy at a store) we prefer not to buy while traveling to save money then you have empty space for gifts coming home! Underpack clothes! Take a couple wash pods with you and wash clothes! Don’t pack for everyday. Do a load or two of laundry.
  3. Are we Home?: Take items that will familiarize your baby with home or their own crib.  I love taking her sheet, a blanket and a small toy/book. This way they are comfy and feel secure. They will sleep better too.
  4. Crying on the Airplane: Honestly DO NOT STRESS about the airplane. I am a flight attendant for a major airline and I promise PROMISE pinky promise people don’t care if a baby screams (most have headphones for goodness sake) If people have a problem its THEIR problem. *tip* if you are not sitting next to your partner or friend/family member most people will move for you! Just ask! But make sure to give them the option for the better seat.. example: they have a middle give up your window or aisle seat.
  5. Extra seat: I highly suggest if doing a red eye try to ask the gate agent if there is a row or extra seat you could move to and bring your car seat on board! It is a life changer putting the baby down if you can get some sleep.
  6. Bring the stroller: Trust me, it is so much easier to bring a stroller through the airport and gate check it. Allows you to put items in it, have your hands free from baby and move quickly. We like using the adapter and put our car seat on the stroller then gate check that too if it is a day flight.
  7. Ear Popping: Make sure to have baby nurse, suck on binky or bottle when taking off or landing! They cant pop their ears like we can!
  8. Sanitization Wipes: Trust me on this. Buy some to go packs and wipe everything down! Also never hand your diaper to the flight attendant… put it in the bathroom garbage.
  9. Toys: Make sure to bring a couple for the plane and a book or two. They really don’t need a lot, so again don’t over pack.
  10. Take your Time: Going through security, boarding the plane, taking  your seat, and leaving the plane. I promise people don’t mind. If you are feeling over whelmed take a breath and slow down.
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