Wow where did 2016 go?!! I can’t believe it, its been such an amazing year. Through all the ups and downs i am so grateful for my husband and I get him by my side!! To wrap up 2016 here is 16 things that happened this year for us for the good and the bad.


  1. I chopped my loooong gold locks off
  2. We celebrated our first anniversary! What a fun first anniversary celebration in Kona.
  3. We went to 5 different countries: Ireland, England, Netherlands, France and Thailand.
  4.  We went to 19 different states: Hawaii, California, New York, Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Washington, South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois and Wyoming!! Holy moly!
  5. Bought our first car together, our 4runner!
  6. Signed up for a half marathon together in Hawaii and didn’t run it due to me breaking a couple toes and rolling my ankle 5 DAYS BEFORE! ugggghhhh..
  7. Keloni already has his Bachelors from University of Oregon, but decided he wanted more! ah. So he is back in school! It has been an adjustment from already not seeing each other a lot to even MORE with him in work and school.
  8. We immediately got called to Nursery in our Ward.
  9. Got our first Vlog camera!!! (thank you keloni!) so expect to see lots of home videos
  10. It was my first Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years that I didn’t have to work in 8 years!
  11. Heaven gained the best angel there is. We miss our niece so much.. we love you Brettesy.
  12. Keloni decided flying for Hawaii Air National Guard wasn’t the right move for our family anymore.. so stay tuned for our next journey he is working on right now.
  13. We became God parents to our sweet Kiarie Matilda Hi’iakakapualālahimekau’ilani Mano’i
  14. Theres one big surprise I promised not to tell that happened in 2016 I will be able to tell in January;)
  15. Our favorite trip this year has got to be Thailand. The food was amazing and the people are so sweet.
  16. Last…. but certainly not least  we built our first home!!!

2016 we love you, but we are ready for 2017! Bring it!

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