2nd Trimester Update

How in the world are we already in the 3rd trimester (currently I am 31 weeks). It is so crazy, I feel like yesterday I was looking at those 7 positive pregnancy test. This pregnancy has been such a blessing and has taught me a lot about patience and how amazing the woman’s body is.

This trimester everyone calls it the “best trimester” and I haven’t experience the full third trimester yet… but to me I have felt more uncomfortable than the first trimester. The first trimester I was nauseous a lot and just felt different.. but the second you for sure LOOK different. It has been so fun having a baby bump and dressing it up, but difficult at the same time seeing your body change. Social media can sometimes be the devil with comparison. I see all these woman just have this cute round belly and I felt like my body hasn’t been like that at all. I feel like my thighs love each other a little more than usual, leg muscles have disappeared, arms look like jelly and face looks like I just had my wisdom teeth removed. Trying to bend over and put on shoes has been difficult (thanks hunny for putting my heels on every Sunday for me!). But, a good tip is get some high quality maternity clothes that are cute! It will help you feel better about yourself! One of my favorites are from Pink Blush. I love the way their clothes fit your bump and you can grow into it! Some of their maternity clothing is great for post partum and even when you’re not pregnant.

I have felt very fortunate to have this opportunity to even carry my child. I feel so grateful The Lord has blessed me and my husband with this opportunity… so baby lets pack on those pounds!

Somethings that I have loved in the second trimester is:

-Feeling her move! It is so weird and crazy to feel something inside you move! To look down and see my belly jolt still trips me out. I get little moments of “holy cow I am pregnant with a human inside of me”
-Keloni being able to feel and see her. This has been amazing for him to finally feel her kick and see my belly too. He has made me feel so special and loved through this pregnancy. I love that he loves to hold my belly and talks to her everyday. This really has been my favorite part of it all.
-Dressing up my belly. It has been a lot of fun wearing dresses and shirts that show you are pregnant. I will miss this for sure after she is born.
-Going to doctors appointments with Loni and seeing our baby girl move on the screen!

Somethings that have been a little harder for me is:

-Feeling her move at night. I love it when she kicks, but when it is 1:00am and I have a full workday ahead… I have to say its not my favorite thing when she wants to party and practice her boxing skills. ahaha
-Not being able to bend over to put shoes on.
-Being clumsy. This is real you guys, I kid you not when I say it is almost everyday I spill on myself or spill something. It is unreal.

I again cant believe we are here… In just a few short months we will have a living, breathing and beautiful little human here. The best part is I get to do it with my bestfriend. Second trimester you have been fun, but get third trimester lets get this done!
P.S. here is a small home video I made of finding out I was pregnant and telling Keloni! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do šŸ™‚

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  • Reply Morgan Bradley

    I am loving that purple dress!!

    March 12, 2018 at 2:15 pm
  • Reply Stephanie Johnson

    Wait, your hair grows so fast! also that skirt is so cute! I need to buy it from there!

    March 12, 2018 at 2:16 pm
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