okay.. okay.. okay..
lets get one thing straight here folks,
i am still freaking out about my trip (if you can’t tell already)
After getting picked up at the airport by
Mr. Handsome himself,
we went straight out for an adventure!
This was SO FUN to me, because I got to see where Keloni was living, eating and he got to show me his part of town.
We ate SO MUCH
Seriously, you think I’m kidding, butttt i’m not.
We went shopping down town and after 2 months of not eating treats and anything unhealthy i headed straight to the
I probably bought about 2 big boxes of chocolates for my family and ate them all before we could even leave… I would literally wake up and eat chocolate, go to sleep eat chocolate, any reason why… I would eat it! Did I have any regrets? Nope not at all. Not one bit. 🙂  Finally the 3rd box I had to control myself and not eat it! whoops.
it was like freaking heaven in my mouth. 
so yummy. so delicious!
next we ate
 holy shizz
Belgium waffles for sure lived up to my expectations and more!
Picture a waffle that taste like a doughnut and the batter is so thick and yummy. With a tub of nutella & banana on it with whip cream (don’t forget the pee boy candy on the side)
seriously ate like 6 of these in a 3 day span.
next was on to the mitraillette and frites (fries)
(I know what you are thinking… “holy cow” yeah well you would be too if you ate this!! no shame.. no shame)
hold on one second while I cry cause I miss it soooo much…
o k a y
I pulled myself back together
back to the amazing mitraillette.
This is fresh bread made e v e r y d a y, with hamburger patties on it (keep in mind i don’t even eat red meat) fried onions, lettuce and FRITES then a special sauce over it.
I don’t think I ever tasted something so amazing before.
**Little fun fact** Belgium is actually who created the frites! And I agree, they had the best fries out of all the countries we visit. So crispy on the outside, warm and perfect on the inside and big!
Next it was off for me to go site see. It was so fun hearing everyone speak French and Dutch around me. I seriously could of d.i.e.d.
We saw so much over the couple days in Belgium! The architecture is crazy detailed! It seriously is beautiful!
We then went to a football game! (soccer)
holy freaking cow. This was awesome!
Football (soccer) is HUGE in Europe. Everyone plays it, everyone loves it.
Keloni bought tickets to Belgium’s football team and it was insane!
Everyone, I mean everyone that day is dressed up in their colors.
People go crazy! Everyone chanting these french chants.
It was an amazing experience!
Weird facts!!
 you have to pay to go to the restroom.
  they don’t have supermarkets like Walmart.
You buy your food fresh every day from the butcher, produce stand or cheese place (holy million cheese selections!)
Everyone also takes the trams!
Its an under ground public transportation.
If it’s not the crazy people on it, it is awesome people playing musical instrument.
Their fridge is a little dorm size fridge. They don’t store food like we do.
They also shut down EVERYTHING by 5:00pm. (they think Americans are cray cray for working 40hrs a week.)
But, needless to say.. I wish I could write down EVERYTHING we saw, did and ate because it was insanely fun and amazing! So after a couple day in Belgium, it was off to France!!
To be continued…
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    looks so so perfect. i remember LOVING belgium and eating all the waffles i could find 🙂
    xo em

    March 27, 2014 at 9:20 pm
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