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    2 4 T H O F J U L Y !

    I LOVE the 24th of July! whhhyy??? Because it gives me an excuse to A. Get work off B. Eat…

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    The S U R P R I S E

    SURPRISE!!! is an understatment. Mr. Handsome has been living in Europe now for 984,203,188 days… jussst kiddding (even though it…

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      I long for the day where my life is simple. Most people say that will never happen, but i…

  • Lifestyle

    Let go. Be free. Surf.

    Tucked in the tranquility of paradise, all that exists are you and the beauty of your surroundings. Wake up and…

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    Easter was such a fun filled day! I feel so over whelmed on how blessed I am. I first woke…