Dock A Tot

Dock A Tot:

I received product compliments of Dock a tot and I haven’t been more happy with them! Okay you guys when I say this is a MUST have I mean it! When I was pregnant I did lots of research on items that are must have items for new moms. It seemed that every post included Dock a tot! Being a first time mom it is so nice to be able to have her close to me or bring her around the house wherever I go. It is designed to provide a snug environment that newborns love to be in it. It is also for co-sleeping so you don’t risk of them rolling or you rolling too. It is an investment I would highly recommend doing.

Dock a tot has been such a life saver since Luna has been born. The thing I love the most about it is that it is portable! I can literally take her anywhere in the house while she sleeps and it doesn’t wake her up. I also can take her to my moms and set her on the bed or floor, basically anywhere… and its nice knowing she isn’t going to roll off, she is kept safe in it and has a nice little portable bed wherever we go. The great thing too is that its such a high quality that we can use it for the rest of our kids! SCORE!

Another thing I love is that the material is made to keep her safe and not suffocating. So if she turns a way that her face is in the side she will be able to breath! Thank you!! I can sleep just fine now!

I absolutely love the accessories and covers they come with too! It was so hard picking a cover, I absolutely love love the floral designs and the marble one too! We decided to go the black and white route of pineapples! Of course we had to for Keloni’s background of Hawaii ahah 😉 I also love the one that is the green palms trees too! The cover is so awesome because you can slip it right off and wash it if we spill on it at all. We also love the accessory of the toy bar! It is so fun to let her have some entertainment while I get ready or cleaning up around the house.

I am using the deluxe+ Dock a tot that can be used for newborns to eight months old or 5-22lbs. She loves to just lounge in it and stay snugged. I have linked Dock A Tot’s site here. Go look check them out if you are a mom to be or already a momma! You will thank me later!



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