Easter was such a fun filled day! I feel so over whelmed on how blessed I am.
I first woke up and saw Keloni and opened easter baskets.
My mom & dad sent us a package and we were sooo spoiled. lets just say we have probably 30 pounds of straight candy together now!



Then off to church we went. I absolutely love Jesus, it was so touching to be reminded what He did for us. It was a very spiritual day for me at church, one I will always remember.
then we made dinner! We almost burned down the house, but thats just fineee! ahah we had a million things going on at once and made an oil fire. BUT dont you worry… we stopped it 😉 we made home made bbq chicken wings & garlic wings along with some potatoes. I know I know its not your “typical” easter dinner…. but it was OUR dinner and i loved it!! 🙂
next we dyed eggs! we are professional egg dyers… NOT. ahah we first off didnt have vinegar so we used some rice vine. Then we mixed colors which were deceiving!! thought we were dipping eggs into green, but nooo it came out pink. what theee?? but i think they turned out pretty darn cute if you ask me! 🙂


last but not least, ended the night with phone calls to our family to wish them a Happy Easter and some good ol’ scripture study. Blessed to have an amazing family, man and Lord who loves me! Hope everyone had a great Easter!
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    Sounds perfect Kat, JUST RIGHT…endearing pics, thanks for sharing with us and Happy Easter!

    April 11, 2012 at 3:03 pm
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