First Trimester Update

Well the first trimester came and went like that! Finding out we were pregnant was the best/scariest feeling in the world. We had every emotion you can think of after experiencing our missed miscarriage.

After getting that positive pregnancy test I was a WRECK I’m telling you… a complete wreck. I could not stop crying. I wanted to surprise him so I pretended he got a package from Nordstrom with a shirt. When really I put the outfit I gave to him last time in it with the positive pregnancy test. I could not hold myself together the whole day.

The time he finally came home I set up a camera with out him knowing he opened it and SURPRISE you are going to be a daddy. It was amazing to have that moment after such loss in our year. It was almost feeling like.. this is our triumph song. This is our moment this time where things are going to be okay.

The first trimester I was (in my eyes) really sick. I was nausea a lot, but not throwing up. I am the type who eats very healthy and a salad was making me gag. All I wanted was cheese and that’s it. I also had headaches and fatigue every day…. GUYS when I say fatigue I mean FATIGUE. holy cow. I was so tired all.the.time. I would go to bed at 8pm wake at 6am to workout (10 hours of sleep), take a nap whenever I could, then go home to only sleep for 3 more hours before bed and  I still felt like I could never get enough sleep. Which is crazy, because in my normal day life I never ever, like ever take a nap. If I did it was on Sunday for maybe an hour and I had a hard time sleeping that night.

The first trimester was really scary for us, I felt that every appointment I was terrified to walk into. The reason being is last time we walked into an appointment thinking everything was fine (because I never had bleeding or cramps) and it wasn’t okay. Keloni was and is so amazing, he always comforted me every second along the way, but even though we are out of the first trimester that worry doesn’t go away. I have to tell myself a lot “let go let God” just to remind myself it is in his hands, not mine.

It was such a joyous moment telling my family we were expecting! My parents sold my child hood home to build their dream home! It was our last dinner at the house before they moved. So we all went around and said our favorite memories of the home we all grew up in and lived the last 20 years. When It got to my turn I said my memories and then I said, “my favorite memory is right now, telling our family that we are expecting a baby!” it was amazing seeing my family’s reaction.

We did keep it a secret for a while to social media world and only told close friends and family. I knew if something happened again

I was set to tell my story and hopefully help others. I was going to use my story for good and do good out of it. Thankfully we get to tell our story with a happy tears and not sad.

We are so over the moon and grateful for this opportunity. The chance that The Lord has given us this opportunity to be parents. She has already brought us so much joy and filling a part of our family that we didn’t know was missing.

We can’t wait to meet you baby girl. We love you so much



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  • Reply Nicole

    you are amazing. love this

    February 23, 2018 at 1:09 pm
  • Reply Stacy Benette

    saying prayers for you guys! i have been following for a long time and love your page!

    February 23, 2018 at 1:10 pm
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