First off sorry this post is soooo delayed…
working full time and going to school full time = no time
furrr reaaal
i am SO excited to write about Greece!
it was by far my favorite.
Greece was never on the top of my list of things I HAVE to see
but, Mr.Handsome wanted to see it so I thought sure why not!
we went from Italy–>Greece
(side note: European airplane food is SO much better than American) 
We arrived and took a 30 min bus to our place
I seriously could of died. then passed out. then died again when we saw our place
it was ahhhmazing
marble and granite EVERYTHING
(greece is known for marble)
we had orange trees right outside our balcony
not to mention one side of the wall opened up to the balcony.. kay WHAT?!
we had a gyro (pronounced euro) probably 3 times a day
They are this f r e s h peta bread with lamb/pork, veggies, fries and this sauce
the meat is on a huge rod and they shave it off right there..
to die for!
we saw e v e r y t h i n g
the acropolis 
(oh my goodness, look how cute Mr. Handsome is!!)
zeus temple
where the olympics first began 
famous market/shopping/haggling street
Greece’s unknown soldier
National Garden
and so forth…
we did a walking tour and let me tell you
best decision ever!!
every city has walking tours and its FREE baby!
just tip the guy/gal afterwards and you save soooo much money
we had this cute little bakery shop right by our place
we would buy so much and its soooo cheap!
one thing Mr. Handsome and I love to do is make friends where ever we go
we were cracking up with the workers at the shop
we just love love to meet new people and chat with them.
That is one thing that is so fun going to other countries is the culture, food and the PEOPLE
the food there was so so so yummy
we also bought like 2 lbs of fresh strawberries for 2 euros (about $2.60)
i could not believe it!
we also did fish pedicures!
we were just messing around, holding hands and laughing when all of sudden we saw the shop!
we both looked at each other and said, “we H A V E to do this!!”
it was crazy and so fun
One of things I loved was everything is soooo old
it was so insane to be standing where buildings were 415 B.C. that is BEFORE Christ
I just could not get over it.
The food was oh my goodness… just amazing a b s o l u t e l y amazing
and cheap
their salads are seriously THEE BEST
Lamb ^^
The view of Athens was beautiful.
I loved loved loved Greece.
we both want to go back and spend more time there!
seriously had such an amazing time there
we recommend a n y o n e to go! Specially for their food!
Keloni and I were so sad to leave, but we couldn’t asked for a better time in Greece!!
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