Guide to Tulum

Tulum is a dream, for sure add this cute little city to your bucket list. Here are some tips and places I would suggest on going to! We only stayed a few days, but could stay forever. Have fun!



  • You will fly into Cancun airport and take a 2 hour drive to Tulum city. I would suggest getting transportation before hand. We took a private car that was about $85 round trip per person, but look into splitting a car, renting a car or taxi (if you can split with other people).
  • you could also do uber, but mexico has very strict guidelines for transportation at the airport. The shuttles and taxis pay high taxes so don’t get caught using one! (it is a lot cheaper though)
  • There is two main places in Tulum, the city and the beach. I would recommend staying on the beach. It is a little pricer, but for me i don’t really care for city life and tourists shops in the city
  • There is a lot of resorts and hotels on the beach that offer a shuttle so be aware if your hotel offers it!
  • You will find pricer food options on the beach ($10 for dinner) cheaper options are in the city ($5-7)
  • You can take a taxi to and from the city, they are about 2-4 miles away from each other depending on where you are staying. Approximately $5 a taxi.
  • I love staying with locals or homes that locals turn into a hotel. I feel that i can find better food, things to do and things to see. I always use Airbnb when traveling, they put them through a background check and its very safe! Go check it out and you’ll see places are way cheaper and cuter!You can use this code: (will get you $40 credit)



  • You have to try paletas at flor de michoacan. They are fruit pops that are amazing and fresh! I suggest coconut or strawberry.
  • The further you go in the city the cheaper the food, if you go to a restaurant right at the beginning of Tulum city it will be a tiny bit more expensive
  • I loved eating at La Malquerida, El Tacoqueto and Restaurare
  • I ate shrimp tacos and enchiladas the whole time! I highly suggest that.
  • Make sure to always drink bottle water, you don’t want to catch a bug while traveling
  • Tulum has Ruins, go visit!
  • Rent bikes (out hotel had them for free) you can go out explore so much more
  • If you are like me at all I don’t love to eat out every meal while traveling, try to bring instant oatmeal to mix with hot water in the mornings, protein bars, almonds and other healthy snacks to help cut expenses.
  • Also a lot of places have fresh squeezed juices, get a tropical one (all different types of fruit in it)!
  • All the resorts have so many cute beds, swings, seats or lounge chairs. They don’t mind if you go and hang out there, but be mindful that they usually require a $15-25 purchase of food or drinks while hanging by the beach


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