10 Tips on how to travel alone


Traveling, ahhh what an amazing gift. If I could tell you how many times I have traveled alone we would be here all day. Fortunately for me, I travel for work… but, unfortunately for me most of the time I am alone. Keloni gets to come with me on most international trips, but he has responsibilities at home so he can’t pick up and leave every time i have to go to Paris, Amsterdam, Honolulu or even London. So here is some tips to help ease that “uneasy” feeling of traveling alone.


  1. Keep your network informed: Make sure you tell someone when you will be arriving, where you are staying, when you should be back and if possible addresses/numbers of all lodging.
  2. Take pictures of locations: I love to wander when traveling new places! But, you need to be careful especially internationally. Know where  you are going and how to get back. When I start to wander I always take picture of my hotel (also get the address), street signs I pass and locations. This way if I walk or take a taxi/uber I can easily get back to my hotel.
  3. Research the social norms, religion or important details: I always make sure I am on top of important details when traveling to a new country. If the country is very conservative because of the prominent religion make sure to dress appropriately. If it is not appropriate to do certain things in public or if there is a travel warning in that country.
  4. Don’t show you are alone: When alone I make sure when eating somewhere I put jacket hanging on a chair near me to show people someone is sitting there, I put “do not disturb” sign on my door or If I get lost I don’t check my cell phone standing alone.. I like to pop into a cafe or a grocery store to direct me.
  5. Hide extra cash: Just incase something happens for the worse and you get pick pocketed or even robbed I always hide a little cash in my bra to help me get home.
  6. Cross body bag: Cross body bag is awesome so you can see it in clear vision and have it zipped up.
  7. Ignore catcalling: If you are a female you can bet you will get a lot of yelling at you with inappropriate things. Learn to just ignore it, keep walking with your head high and act like you have somewhere to be. Don’t respond to them.
  8. Learn 911: Each country has a different way to  dial 911, learn what it is.
  9. Try to avoid night time: If possible avoid doing things after day time, being alone at night can sometimes be very dangerous. Get all your exploring in while you still have light.
  10. Have fun! Remember to relax and have fun! Soak in all the things you are experiencing, try local food, try to find places that aren’t touristy and take lots of pictures!



I absolutely love staying with locals or homes that locals turn into a hotel. I feel that i can find better food, things to do and things to see. I always use Airbnb when traveling.

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