Okay… Italy is one of the coolest places
by far
So we took a plane from Brussels–>Rome
We got off the plane and I was SO EXCITED
we almost took the wrong train to our place!
opposite direction to be exact
  (always, ALWAYS make sure you keep on asking questions until you are completely clear. A lot of times we found people just didn’t care and said things once, but I kept asking until I knew it was right!)
We found thee CUTEST place in Rome. It was right in the heart of everything and there was a bus/tram ride right outside our place
We even picked lemons outside our place. soooo cuteee

The coliseum..
The Fontana di Trevi..
Sistine Chapel..
and the list goes on and on!
We found the cutest restaurant that was family owned.
Their pasta was A M A Z I N G
so fresh, so yummy and authentic
we also ate gelato 234,973 times a day. no biggie..
the pizza there is absolutely nothing.. nothing like America
they are thin, oven baked, freshest meat, veggies and toppings
we loved Italy, it was so fun to hear Italian and meet people we awesome accents
It was also so amazing to see all these ancient ruins just in the middle of city everywhere!
the fun thing is they have thee freshest water fountains just on side the of the road
(keloni was so happy about this, because Brussels do not have water fountains)
It was seriously the best thing to walk hand and hand with the love of my life seeing all this
**Weird facts**
SPQR is a phrase for the government in Italy. You will see the phrase hundreds of times all over the city and legal/historical fixtures.
They don’t use ice in any drinks
baby forks ALL THE TIME it is so weird!
they have fresh water running from fountains so you can drink
they usually eat pizza and a grab and go kind of food
the Pope talks every wednesday!
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