Agghhh!! Is it seriously October?! I am so so excited!
It is a little weird spending fall for the first time in years in UT, but I am loving it!
As most of you have heard, Keloni has moved A.G.A.I.N.
He got a very unexpected amazing job offer
We weighed out all options, but we knew from the beginning this was just an opportunity that we could not pass up…. for we would be crazy!
After accepting the job offer a week later they moved him to Orange County in California.
He will be there for approximately 2 months… then its off to Oahu, HI
 As hard as it is going to be having him gone, spending holidays apart and specially because he just got back from living out of the country I know we will receive WAY more blessings.
In return we decided to do Fall in Septemeber. Fall is always our favorite season.
Spending the last years in Oregon surrounded by trees and that crisp air, saying we were excited was an understatement.
So we weren’t going to let the move get in the way of some of our traditions the last 3 years 🙂
First we went on  Fall hike!
^^^ Seriously… can not get over that view!! 
It was out of this world, this hike was up Big Cottonwood Canyon and it was amazing. You go through rocks, rivers and amazing views to get to the top.
Next thing Mr. Handsome made me homemade soup, my favorite, broccoli and cheese with homemade bread bowls.
GUYS! I am not just saying this because I am biased… this was probably the BEST soup I have ever had.
I was dying. Drooling. Being the biggest hippo ever with this soup.
^^^Maybe I can sneak the recipe from him and post it 😉 
Next we had to make something p u m p k i n of course!
Mr. Handsome got the recipe for a pecan pumpkin dessert
(okay mouth watering thinking about this)
ohhhh… and don’t you worry,
of course we were listening to pandora’s family halloween channel while baking
Another surprise he did for me was buy some pumpkin egg nog!
(don’t knock it till you try it! It is a must have for fall gatherings!)
Next thing we did on the fall festivities was PUMPKIN CARVING!
I don’t know how, but loni is just a master at pumpkin carving… not fair.
We carved pumpkins while watching a scary movie..
Casper the friendly ghost!
okay okay okay… 
I know you are laughing, but for some reason if i watch a scary movie i dream about it
(fun fact: (not so fun) Ever single night I remember my dreams, I will always dream about something that happened that day or something I saw… ohhh… I also control them too)
 ^^^ p.s. sorry for the shirtless pic… 
He grew up in Maui, HI and there he lived with his shirt off basically everyday. 
In return he has it off all the time ahah 🙂
 ^^ soo cute!
Next thing we did was an adventure!!
Love discovering new places wherever i live!
We drove up to Park City had lunch, shopped and went on random drives up random places.
Keloni discovered this little piece of heaven.
I was d y i n g.
 ^^He is so good about always taking pictures and having so much fun with it too.
I am very lucky I have a man that loves holidays as much as me. That wants to do all the fun little things each holiday comes with.
Hopefully being as busy as I am this next couple months (till I see him again) will go by quickly!
Get outside and enjoy this fall weather everyone!
xo Kat
 I have a lot of people ask how to pronounce Keloni’s name
it goes a little like this:
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