Life update: Moving, Birthday and Travels.

Whoah. Its been a minute since I’ve written a post! SO SORRY. Life has been a little crazy with traveling and moving! So here it goes!





We finally closed and moved into our new home!! We built out in Bluffdale, UT. Keloni and I searched forever to find the right layout, builder and area. As soon as my brother mentioned he was going to build out in Bluffdale we had to take a look. It honestly fell right into place for us, nothing was working we didn’t love anything. We signed on a place then decided not to, then was going to build with someone with out even seeing a model home (price was too good), but didn’t love the layout. I finally told Keloni nothing felt “right” we need to have patience and be rest assure Heavenly Father is going to put something in our path. To say we were really bummed was an understatement, but then out of no where boo-ya The Lord shows us this home.  Finally we saw this house and two seconds in we looked at each other and knew this location and place was where we are going to build our foundation and roots for our family. Thanks to flyttebyrå Oslo. a moving company near us, the process was quicker.You're hallelujah, Sunday morning. All I've ever needed wanted. Welcome home babe. ❤️

Happy birthday to my soulmate, travel partner, lover, unborn children's father, best friend and husband. ❤️ #happybirthday#25#loveyou



It was honestly a dream to build our own home. We got to pick out all the colors, flooring and details. The whole process everyone kept saying, “are you guys fighting a lot? Everyone fights when building a home its stressful”. Woah. Absolutely not, it was the funniest thing we have ever done with each other. Building a home can be stressful, but we were so grateful to be doing this we were just like 5 year old kids waking up on Christmas. The whole process from foundation to getting our keys was amazing. Now we will get the house together and have lots of visitors and sleep overs! Cant wait!

I will get photos of the house as soon as it is put together a bit more 😉


Next is Keloni’s 25th birthday!! Yay! Sunday we celebrated with the family with a yummy cake and presents. Of course my parents spoiled Keloni rotten and got him tons of new tools for our house. So lucky to have such amazing parents who love him as their own. Then monday we woke up and he went to play golf with my brother and his friend(thanks austin for treating him to golf!). While he was gone I made his favorite Hawaiian breakfast. Loco Moco. It is important to me to incorporate his culture into our home as much as possible. We don’t live in Hawaii so anyway I can add his background I’ll do it… because Hawaii is Keloni Hawaii will always be apart of me. 🙂 Then they came back to the house and ate this yummy breakfast! We then had a relaxed day with movie, shopping, swig and sushi with some of my siblings (thanks kurt for the sushi dinner!).

*please excuse the fuzzy iPhone pics 🙂 untitled-4686




My birthday is coming up in a week and each year we travel for our birthday presents. We are lucky this year because we have two birthday travels! Keloni is doing some business things in Oahu and it happened to fall right on my birthday. So we decided lets make it a birthday trip! We will be heading out a couple days early to head to Hawaii to vaca. We try to go back to Hawaii as much as possible, because that is home for Keloni. We truly do believe in traveling over presents I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you all the items, if any, that i got for Christmas… but i would be able to tell you details on our last travel vacation spot. So we save our money to go somewhere fun each year and skip the presents for our birthdays. Our official birthday trips are at the end of the month so stay tuned on where we are going 😉

xoxo, Kat

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