Luna Keānuenuemaikaua Kamalani



Before we even found out we were having a girl we had a list of names we loved. The funny thing is that most of them started with a L (I guess we loved L names!). . We also knew we wanted her name to be Hawaiian and carry on that part of her heritage.

After finding out she was a girl we narrowed it down to about 5 names. Naturally though Keloni kept calling her Lulu. Then one day he was talking to her in my belly and said, “Luna”. Since then the name stuck and we never looked back or even thought of something different. We just loved the name and what it represents.

Luna (Hawaiian meaning is “Leader”):

Luna, your father’s and I’s hope is that you will be a leader in your beautiful life here on earth. You will not be afraid to march to the own beat of your drum. To be a leader to those around you, to be a leader for Christ and lead others to Him. To lead those to look for the good in themselves and in others. To lead others to believe there is more inside of them then what they believe in. To lead others to the light in the darkest times and be the brightness when there is darkness all around you. Lead others with your personality and talents that pulls others to be inspired and cause those to want to do their best. To not be afraid to lead those to do good and stand up for what is right. To lead down a path that others wouldn’t normally take, because you are a leader. You are designed to lead in this world and not fit in. To stand out, be unique and lead a life that you, your family, ancestors and Father in heaven would be proud of.


*Now in the Hawaiian culture middle names are either given to the baby from an elder… whether it came to them in a dream ex. a dream about a hibiscus flower floating in an ocean or names passed down. The other way is if there is something significant to that pregnancy or different. So that will explain her middle name.

Keānuenuemaikaua (Hawaiian meaning is “The Rainbow From The Rain”):

Before we knew you were entering our lives your Daddy and I suffered from a missed miscarriage. We were devastated to say the least. When we found out we were expecting you,  our rainbow baby, we were filled with so much joy! You have brought such color into our lives that you will never fully understand. You are our rainbow after the rain. Not only is our hopes that in your life you will be a rainbow to others, but you will be the colorful rainbow in your life. In your life you will endure a lot of trials, you will have lots of ups and lots of downs. It is important you always look for the positive and during the rainstorm to know there is always, always and I mean always a rainbow after the rain. You are a rainbow of possibilities and never forget that. No matter how hard it is, how big the trial is.. always know that your Heavenly Father loves you and never will put you through anything that you can not handle and learn from. Remember that Heavenly Father puts a rainbow in the clouds so in the hardest moments you can see possibility of hope, you are that rainbow, you are that hope.



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