MUST eat food in Oahu, Hawaii

This was SO HARD to write. There is literally sooo much yummy food in Hawaii. So I decided I will write another post. It is too good to not to!

  1. Matsumoto Shave Ice- Have you ever  had snow? Because this is what it taste like! Soft, melts in your mouth and delicious. I suggest getting the “snow top” which is sweet condense milk. I also love getting island flavors… lilikoi, mango and lychee.
  2. Ray’s Kiawe Huli Huli Chicken- This is at North shore, they cook all the chicken on a truck bed. It is the most flavorful and juiciest chicken ever. They only do it certain days of the weeks so you have to see when they do it.
  3. Mochi- You can get this about anywhere, but it is amazing! It is sweet rice that had flavors into it. I love the chocolate and peanut butter
  4. Acai Bowls at Haleiwa Bowls- This is a must! They are the yummiest in my opinion. You can get them anywhere, but it is a thick smoothie bowl with fresh fruit on top, honey, granola and coconut chips.
  5. Loco Moco’s- This is a popular dish in the Hawaiian culture. It is rice, hamburger meat, egg and gravy. So unhealthy, but so delicious!
  6. Poke (pronounced po-kay) at Fresh catch- Raw ahi tuna or fish mixed sauces and sometimes served on a bed of rice with furikake. It really is some of the best Poke on the island.
  7. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck- This is seriously one of the best fried shrimp. I love the garlic or the lemon.
  8. Bee Tea- This place has thee most amazing bubble tea and smoothies!  I love the pineapple! You also can get different kind of jellies in the drink like mango!
  9. Ted’s Bakery- They have yummy baked goods. Get the hauopia pie. You can get just a slice (if you get a plate lunch it comes with it). This is a local favorite, hauopia is eaten at all Hawaiian gathering like graduations or birthday parties
  10. Bee & Tea- ohhhhkay. no joke, this is the BEST smoothie/tea  place  ever ever. Mango smoothie is on point and  their bubble tea  OMG. They are honey bobbas (sooo much better than anywhere else) and you can add things like mango jelly to it. Everything is made from fresh fruit. Get it. Just do it.
  11. Piggy smalls- Get their Pandan chicken and waffle special. Seriously so good you guys, the best fried chicken and their waffles are so thick and yummy.
  12. Malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery-  The best doughnut ever. I love to get coconut or haupia filling. They ALWAYS come hot and melt in your mouth.
  13. Lemonade at Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades- Go exotic here! The passionfruit and lilikoi is my fav fav fav. Keloni loves it too. We got a cute mason jar so we can get cheaper refills. SO fresh and fun to take pics with 😉


**P.S. we stayed in Haleiwa, in North Shore. I also love Kapolei or anything on the East side. We stayed in an amazing Airbnb. We have a $40 coupon link if you sign up on your first stay with Airbnb. You can see we have used for all over the world… Thailand, Italy, Greece, Paris, Tennessee, New York, Hawaii ect..**

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Have fun!! Xoxo, Kat

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  • Reply Victoria

    Fell in love with your instagram, found your blog and saw this post, and I’m getting ready to go to Oahu in two weeks! How perfect! Love your content!!!!

    June 29, 2017 at 11:56 am
    • Reply xoxokat

      Victoria I LOVE that!! you will have so so much fun!! You need to post lots of photos so i can see 🙂 thanks so much for stopping girl! xoxo

      June 29, 2017 at 12:04 pm

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