Mya Harris

my sweet sweet sister. my little french croissant. i miss you so much. i dont really know how to handle this situation of having you gone, i lay here in my bed trying to control all my tears, thoughts, and emotions. and this is the only way i can think is to put them down. i think of all the laughs and cries we’ve had together. i go back to painting all your doors for your wedding and doing tons of photo shoots. always repeating “can i have yo number?” and laughing so hard cause we didnt know any other line. shopping around at antique stores of what would be so cool in a photo. having you sit and listen to me for hours talk about my problems. sitting at yours and patricks house and always calling me everyday after until i felt better. thank you for never judging me, for always listening to me and supporting me, for being my sister. always rooting for me in all my adventures. always telling me life is too short and run with it. i miss you mya, i want you back now. i want you. i want to hug you one last time, tell me everythings gonna be okay. see you and patrick and your sweet family together. take one last photo. one last dessert together, one last talk about boys and how lame i think they are, one last sunday family dinner, one last swim date at dena’s pool, one last text message saying i love you, one last christmas, one last lunch date getting lost in slc, one last conversation. stay with patrick, he needs you more than ever. you’ve changed him inside and out. you’ve made him the person he is today. i miss you so much, the pain will never end. the hurt will never stop, but i know i will see you again. i know you are finally home, i know you are finally with our heavenly father and he has opened his arms so big to you and he is so happy to finally have his daughter home with him. you are home now. i have a strong testimony in the atonement and know you are going to embrace me ever so tightly when i see you again. i love you so much sister. stay with us, never leave us, stay by our side. we miss you.
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