Paris, how I love you.
Anyone who knows me knows I adore Paris!
I have soooo many things ‘Paris’ in my room
So this city I was VERY excited to see.
We took a 4hr bus ride from Brussels–>Paris
I l.o.v.e.d this
Keloni and I got to see all the backcountry of France
It was so beautiful! 
the houses.the land.the simplicity of it.
we probably walked like 540,384 miles a day
no joke.
knowing us we packed cute/fashionable clothing instead of nice nike frees
and yeah.. our feet h a t e d us.
we ate so many baguettes
(this is fresh bread with bunch of different cheese, meats and veggies on it)
These are sooo dang good!
We also ate A TON of crepes.
yes sir’
Mr. Handsome and myself probably ate 3 each a day
we also had macaroons, fresh croissants and bakery goods
okay… I just died. WHY am I not in Paris again?!
We saw The Louvre 
Mona Lisa
Notre Dame 
Of course did lover’s bridge 🙂
Eiffel Tower
  Arc De Triomphe
and list goes on and on and on!
we explored the W H O L E city
and when I say whole city I mean
“oh, what do you mean by that kat?”
ohhh, well let me just tell you!
 we had a genius plan (not so genius plan) to bike to the tower
well folks…
sun was going down and we HAD to see the lights come on from day–>night on the tower
(plus wanted some more time taking pics in the day light)
WE RAN across town to find bikes to rent… RAN I’ll tell ya!
well… they didn’t take EITHER ONE of our cards (stupid heffers)
 sun was going down faster than speed lighting (so it felt)
So.. Mr. Handsome asked not one but TWO bus drivers how to get to the Eiffel Tower
B O T H drivers said, “oh its 42 bus”
okay..okay.. perfect we will do it
we hop on the 42 and I closed my eyes and laid down on K2’s lap
K2 closed his eyes… and…
BOOM-we are lost
They told us the w r o n g bus!
(it wasn’t even close to the right one)

Next thing I know we are far, i mean farrrrrrrrr. the bus at the end of the the route kinda far.
HA. okay.
so we got off…
 probably walked a good 4+ miles trying to find someone who spoke english
and to find out where the freak we were!!
(we were so far out we couldn’t even see the tower)
we finally got close enough to see the tower and got a taxi.
I sat and laughed my head off.
(this is me before we got lost..) 
This would happen. Getting lost. In Paris.
buuutttt WE MADE IT!!
and guess what!? getting lost was the best part. it was so fun.
I thought I would of been stressed out, but I was dying of laughter.
I didn’t care, because I was with Mr. Handsome…
Just me and him lost in Paris…
Thank you again Mister bus drivers who don’t know their own city! 🙂
I have had a lot of messages asking how can they pin my photos… I now added the feature.. Just hover over the photo and you will see the “pin it” logo in the top left corner! click on that and Voila!
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