I long for the day where my life is simple. Most people say that will never happen, but i know it will. To not worry about little things in life that become big things. I’m a dreamer. Thats just how I am wired, but I know im different. How? I dont take no for an answer… I make sure it happens. I have a list I made about 3 years ago… and one of them is to surf and live a simple life.

A year ago I wrote this while after a day of surfing when the sun was down:

Tucked in the tranquility of paradise, all that exists are you and the beauty of your surroundings. Wake up and the sun is still asleep, run along the shore line. Stretch.. in peace while watching the sun wake up for a new beautiful day. walk out to where the waves kiss the shore and stand for a moment and thank God for my blessings. paddle out. stay where it is my sanctuary. be where the sun kisses my skin and the wind flows freely through my hair. live in a bikini, never wear make-up and have beach hair… all day. listen to Island music and greet every single person with a smile and a wave. following with a spectacular sunset while you watch the wind tickle the trees. starring at the sky full of stars reminiscing and feeling Her presence. then fall asleep to soothing lullabies of the waves crashing into the shore knowing that life is simple. living a life where im happy with nothing. where i dont need a car, computer, cell phone or anything. a life where that it is so raw and natural. every morning, every night… simplicity. 


I am not naive enough to think oh let me run away to Hawaii and surf, then POOF my life is perfect… but I do know that its my dream and that will make me sure happy. 🙂 So this is it, my dream. Selling my car so I do not have a car payment, insurance or pay for gas. I want to sell most of my clothing… only taking a couple bags with me. I want to take things out of my life that are not imperative. Believe it or not… no cell phone. I know I know “im crazy” blah blah. but not to worry about having to check my phone for work emails or whos calling me. ohhhh, sigh. Last but not least just work at a little snowcone shack and surf. Its gonna happen, you just watch and see. Because, I am only young once and its my dream.

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  • Reply Shawnee

    this is literally exact one of my dreams. the past two days i cannot get this out of my head. xo

    February 7, 2013 at 6:34 pm
  • Reply Capturing the Moment

    I love all of these!!!:) so beautiful:)

    February 12, 2013 at 8:25 pm
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