she is my saving grace

I found myself at church with my niece Holland crying for her Aunt Mya.  i got on my knees as i held tears back and wiped hers, i promised i would take her to go see her Aunt Mya before her Aunt Kat left (Mya is about an hr away from us in Springville). The girls all slept over and they made her cards. We went and got roses for her and started our journey an hour away. Driving, i felt sick to my stomach if this was the right thing to do to take them here when its still so fresh and they are so young… specially when they are having a hard time right now. We arrived and walked over to meet our Mya and sat down in reverence. With my nieces sitting there holding their flowers Holland spoke up, “Aunt Kat, i feel Aunt Mya” i looked up at her and she had the biggest grin on and started to laugh. “i feel her right next to me, shes happy Aunt Kat she misses us” as i broke to tears i turned away as i knew with every bone in my body my sister was right there next to us. We put the cards down and spelled her initials in petals.  Raleigh then had a great idea and said lets call her grave “paradise” she said that paradise fit so much better where she is at and how she is feeling. She said, “Mya is in paradise now with our Heavenly Father, not in a grave” Then after Holland got up and said lets do a photo shoot right here. Anyone who knows Mya knows is just a D.I.V.A. and loved doing photoshoots all the time. so we did. we got up and took funny photos and laughed and sang around her “paradise” it was the most peaceful feeling, being happy there and feeling her love around us. There is no doubt in my mind she was next to me and our nieces… and forever i will thank you for that Mya. We miss you every day and it will never ever be the same with out you. love you
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    "paradise" is perfect. thanks for taking them and for all you do for us:) thinking about you-hope you are well in good ol' oregon!

    January 9, 2012 at 8:43 pm
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