The S U R P R I S E

is an understatment.
Mr. Handsome has been living in Europe now for
984,203,188 days…
jussst kiddding
(even though it feels like that)
He has been over there for awhile lets just say that!
he wasn’t supposed to get back to see me until June 1st. isssh
after Europe he was going to go straight –> home
Maui, Hawaii
he was going to spend sometime with his family and such
so here i am feeling sad for myself because i miss him everyday
so this is how it went…
Mr. Handsome was planning the sneaky attack from day 1
so the day he left Europe he made me believe he was heading straight to Maui
(that was the plan even before he left to Europe)
then he told me his phone was dying when he landed in NYC
so i figured i probably wouldn’t talk to him till the end of my shift that night
i called my brother asking what he was up to for the night
he said, “oh nothing just chilling”
little did i know..
he was in the car driving to go pick up the love of my life!!
I was doing a closing shift at work
we close at 9:00pm and i usually leave at 9:30pm
that night i didn’t realize, but i had a paper due at midnight!!
so Mr.Handsome arrived and my siblings picked him up
(feel so bad.. talk about about 36 hours not sleeping!)
they drove him straight –> to my work
they drove around FOREVER looking for my car
this one time i didn’t drive my car to work…
i borrowed my parents car!
so they decided to take a risk and go inside
they were hiding in some of the places at my work so i couldn’t see them
i have thee sweetest co-workers in the world 
and one of them said they would take care of my duties so i can leave early to do my paper
so i walked up the escalators and they saw me!
they dove and took cover
(crying at laughter thinking of how they looked even though i didn’t see them)
what they didn’t know is that i was leaving for the night!
i walked up and grabbed my stuff and went home
they waited and waited and waiiitteeed
they finally went up and talked to some people and they didn’t know where i was
as i was driving home I’m trying to call Mr. Handsome
he wasn’t answering or returning my text
(this is NOT like him at all) 
we ALWAYS communicate specially if we are traveling to let each other know we are safe
at the same time i get a call from my brother (i honestly had no clue)
he was asking what i was doing and i told him I’m almost home
(i swear you could of heard a pin drop!)
he then begged me to go to the movies with all of them or dinner
i was sooo tired
i worked out, school, 8 hour shift and now homework
after begging me and me not giving in he gave up
i went to my parents house and showed my mom the gifts i got
i was showing her the gifts asking her to choose some for herself
the next thing i know Mr.Handsome walked into the room
i literally just sat there in shock!
i couldn’t even comprehend what was going on
after i got it, i looked at my mom and she’s crying I’m crying
i finally realized
he is safe
he is hugging me
he is in America
holy cow.
i don’t think i stopped hugging him for the whole night!
oh yeah.. paper.. forget it..
we then went out to a late dinner with my siblings
i feel bad for them!
we sat starring into each others eyes
being so cheesy and so lovey dovey
i kept crying every other minute from pure happiness
and it was amazing!
he only got to stay for a couple days then left again to Maui
butttt, i can not wait till he is back in utah and oh yeah..
he will be doing A LOT i mean A LOT of different things here
while i finish my last couple classes up
*i am so excited to have dates again*
*to go to family parties together*
*to workout together*
*to have friends that are couples*
*to study together*
*to cook together*
*to do nothing together*
*to do everything together*
(shout out to all our “couple” friends and teammates in Oregon WE MISS YOU!)
we are just so excited!!! 
stay tuned for just straight barfness and cheesiness from my page in a week or so! 🙂 can’t wait!
Take a peek at the surprise!! 🙂


BIG thank you to my family for picking him up and taking him to me.
I am really convinced i have
they have accepted, loved, cared for and adored him from day 1.
Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, Siblings, Nieces and Nephews
every last one of them love him so much. (its not hard to love him!)
it makes me so happy when they always ask when he is coming home, how he is and express how much they miss him
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We love you all

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