Top 10 Products I love in pregnancy

Here are some of my favorite products that have helped me so far and I hope they help you! I will link below all my products that I personally have used and loved!

  1. Belly Bandit: This has been a life saver for backaches, it seems no matter what I do at the gym, massages or stretch I get it bad. Thank goodness for this product to help distribute weight and ease that pain! It also has a pack where you can insert into the band. You can freeze it or heat it up! It is  a must have if you have backaches!!
  2. Ginger Tea: I never threw up (thank goodness), but for the first trimester and now a little bit in the third trimester I have felt nauseous. Make some of this with lemon/honey and it is a miracle worker.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil: Nights are rough… sleeping seems to be a thing of the past and I feel so uncomfortable. Lavender oil has definitely helped me in winding down and getting me to sleep. We diffuse it at night and then behind my ears/wrist. I love Young Living oils.
  4. Sanitizer or sanitizer wipes: When you are pregnant your immune system is low, thus making you more prone to getting sick. Make sure you carry these items with you so you can wipe down the shopping cart handles, doors or heavily touched items!
  5. Small Snacks: This has saved my life with feeling sick… I keep trail mix, dried mangos, fruit and protein bars always stocked anywhere I go. I keep them in my car, purse, work and home. This way it helps you to eat small frequent meals to not get sick.
  6. Body Pillow: Keloni bought me the Bamboo body pillow and it has been a life saver! It is big, fluffy and helps support my back/hips.
  7. Tums: You will get heartburn… a lot of heartburn! My mom bought me yummy peppermint candy ones (like to die for), but get some good tasting and STRONG ones. They will save your life.
  8. Face Mask: Do yourself a favor and get some good face masks. When pregnant your hormones are crazy! To give you an idea my whole life I never once got a blemish. Being pregnant I all of sudden became a 14 year old teenager going through puberty for the first time. I love Lush’s and Tony Moly’s.
  9. Maternity Clothing: Okay I was totally one of those girls that wanted to hold off as long as I could wearing maternity clothes (I don’t know why, I just felt the longer I went the skinnier I was.. totally dumb). I waited until black Friday to buy any and I was DYING. My stomach always hurt from how tight my pants and clothes were and I felt like nothing looked good at all.  I finally bought a ton from old navy, gap, asos and shopbob (seriously invest in some good ones.. you will have them the rest of your pregnancies with your babies) and IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. I felt like I could breath, I was comfortable and quite frankly things looked a lot better because they fit! Don’t wait and just do it!
  10. Pregnancy Journal: This is one of my favorite things ever and I bought one for a couple of my girlfriends that are expecting the same time as me! It makes me feel more connected to my baby girl writing all my feelings down and telling about the pregnancy. There is so much we forget and its crazy to look back even on the first trimester of my feelings, symptoms and things that were happening! It has pockets to save the ultrasounds and little details that you wouldn’t think of. Get one!

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  • Reply shelli morgan

    LOVING THESE!! thanks so much for posting!

    February 23, 2018 at 1:05 pm
  • Reply Haley Jensen

    YES! i love the belly bandit. helped me so much, i need to try the pregnancy journal too

    February 23, 2018 at 1:06 pm
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