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The first time going to Thailand and it was a travel! It took 24 hours of traveling. We went from SLC-PDX-NRT-BKK. We were so jet lagged when we landed, it was 9:15pm and we started the day before at 8:00am. The travel was long, but totally worth it. Here are some tips and things to do in Bangkok!

1.Hire a personal taxi driver: We can not believe how cheap everything is here! Bangkok is really busy with traffic and can be confusing so we hired a taxi driver to stay with us all day and it was only $50.  Our driver was so awesome, i played my music through his car and he was just jamming out to all the American music. ahah 
2. Go to the Floating Market: The floating market was awesome; we boarded this boat and got to try amazing fresh food along other boats. They had everything you wanted for souvenirs and food. Don’t worry there is plenty of markets so if one is closed, find another one. untitled-7477




3. Visit the temple Wat PraGao right when it opens: Okay this temple is AMAZING. When you think of the most awesome, authentic and cultural enriched place i think of this temple. BUT.. of course it is packed full of tourist. Make sure you go right when it opens to beat the rush and heat. untitled-7525

4. Take one dollar bills: Thailand people will love you forever for this! A one dollar bill is very appreciated to the drivers, waitresses and other folks who served you. They will be so happy and will thank you a million times.

5. Try to learn some Thai: Thai people love Americans and love it when Americans can speak some Thai. If you learn some phrases (hello, good morning, how are you) they will go crazy! They also love light skin and blonde hair. So if you are that get ready to be mobbed with photos. I had people stopping me for interviews and pictures all the time! loluntitled-7530

6. Be respectful of their culture and religion: Thai people always take off their shoes when entering into houses, some stores and temples. Also never show the bottom of your feet to a monk or touch his clothing. Bottom of the feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body and it is disrespectful. You don’t need to take in part of their rituals at the temples, but being reverent and respectful goes a long way. 



7. Bangkok for one day: Keloni and I can’t say Bangkok was our favorite part of the trip. It was for sure hustle and bustle there, but amazing in it’s own way. I would recommend flying in and staying at an Airbnb place near the airport then hiring a driver for a day to see Bangkok and fly out that night. We felt we saw a lot and was ready to head onto slower pace places.

8. Don’t get tricked by the people outside of the temples: There I got introuble with the Tuk Tuk mafia. I mean it is funny now… really the tuk tuk mafia? Ahaha. At the time it was a little scary. They trick tourist to pay them for tickets and say the temple is closed ect… Keloni and I both have traveled so much international and domestic that we know with every big attraction there are people trying to scam, pick pocket or rob you. We didn’t fall for it even though they tried to on us. I saw this innocent couple getting taken advantage of and I jumped in and told them it was a scam. The mafia didn’t speak a lot of English so they didn’t know what I was saying. They freaked out at me and started to yell at me, one of them followed me then hit my arm telling me to go back to my country and thankfully our taxi driver pulled up right there. Don’t fall for the scams at big attractions everyone!


9.Wear modest clothing to the temples: This is a very sacred place to them, you won’t be let in some temples if you are wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, cleavage ect… Cover yourself up and be modest.

10. Get cash in Thailand: Don’t do an exchange before hand, you will get a better deal if you have a card that will reimburse international ATM charges. This will help you spend as you need and not have all your cash on you incase something happens.


We used AIRBNB to stay at affordable and darling places in the city! This is locals who will host their places or rentals like a hotel. They have background checks and are put through a process to “host” we found some of the greatest places. We have a $35 coupon link if you sign up on your first stay with AIRBNB. You can see we have used for all over the world… Thailand, Italy, Greece, Paris, Tennessee, New York ect.. have fun!

Airbnb: (will get you $40)untitled-7501



After Bangkok we headed to the airport and off to chiang mai! I will put together a top list of items to do in each city we went to in Thailand so subscribe, pin a photo and keep a look out! 🙂

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