Top Place to Eat in Maui, Hawaii

Oh my goodness, this post has been HIGHLY suggested! Here is a list of the top places/foods we love! Of course there are SO many other places that are amazing, but these are just our top favorite. We also stay in Kihei when there (that is where Keloni is from) so a lot of these foods are going to be there!


  1. Acai Bowls: If you haven’t had this you are missing out!! We eat these sometimes 2xs a day! We love Paia Bowls, Mo ‘Ono Bowls and Hawaiian moon’s from their juice bar. Go and grab one to fill your belly up with lots of yummy fresh local fruit.
  2. Poke (pronounced PO-KAY): Keloni loves loves loves this. It is raw ahi tuna mixed with lots of yummy flavor. If you like sushi you will LOVE this. To get yummy great price we always go to food land and they sell it on the side of the store, we get a bowl with furikake (seaweed seasoning).
  3. Da Kitchen: Great local food with a little twist! Must try
  4. Maui Rotisserie Chicken (Huli Huli Chicken): In Kihei they have certain days they will cook it. If you see it get some!! The yummiest, moist, flavorful chicken you will have in your life.
  5. Kihei Cafe: This literally right down the street from where Keloni’s family lives and he never has been till he met me! Why? Because it is super touristy ahah. We finally went while dating and its our favorite breakfast joint! We always always get the banana macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup. *it is very very busy so be prepared for a line and waiting for a table
  6. Wow Wow lemonade: They make their lemonade from scratch and use local fruits!! so refreshing and good!
  7. Mamas Fish House: This is more expensive, but DANG its good. Save this for a nice date night to try fresh local food prepared to perfection!
  8. Poi by the Pound: If you want TRUE authentic local grubs this is your place. When Hawaiians have a special event like a wedding, 1st birthday party, graduation or funeral this is the amazing food they cook! I suggest getting the mixed plate where there’s a little of everything.
  9. Shave Ice: This is a must. Think of light flaky snow that melts on your tongue! It is NOTHING like shaved ice in the mainland (crunchy, hard and taste like ice). I highly suggest getting the snow cap, macadamia ice cream and local flavors like lilikoi, guava, Papaya, mango or li hing mui.
  10. Paia Fish Market: Drooling thinking about this!! All i have to say is the best fresh fish for a reasonable price!
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